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Some might argue that once you can go fast in a kite buggy that your learning is over. Kite buggy racing is not just just about going fast in a straight line or flying the biggest kite. There are so many aspects that they can't be listed, if you want to learn more and improve your buggying skills then read on to find out how to start racing.

The best way to start racing is to come along to one of our Events, the Last Gasp and Icicles are the most informal but if you can't wait that long then you can attend one of the National Series events straight away. All you need to race in a PKA event is valid 3rd party insurance and a race licence.

The aim of licence assessment is to make sure everyone is competent, safe and aware of the basic rules of racing. Any competent buggier who’s invested a bit of time to understand racing rules will pass without a problem.


Regional Assessors are spread across the country and there should be one near you.

Find out if your local club organises racing:
Wind and Wheels (Weston-super-mare)
Wirral Sand Yacht Club (Hoylake)
South West Association of Traction Kiting
Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club
Scottish Power Kite Association
Irish Power Kite and Sand-yacht Association

5 easy steps to getting a race licence

1. Download...

...the licence pack, PKA Handbook

2. Revise...

...your answers, complete the written theory test online and hone your buggying skills

3. Contact...

...the National Licensing Co-ordinator, Mark, who will put you in touch with your regional assessor and put the next available test day in your diary

4. Bring...

...your insurance documents, test papers and £5 admin fee to the test day

5. Pass...

... the test and start racing!

Events in 2018/19

Anyone that can travel in control of a buggy and kite can race, take a look at our Try Kite Buggy Racing page to find out how to take part.

The PKA strongly encourages you to take out PKA membership and insurance through the British Kitesports Association, because as well as supporting the Parakart Association it also provides you with third party liability insurance (including competitor to competitor), personal accident cover, and a low excess on claims. PKA members will also benefit from a £5 discount off their race fees compared to non-members.

Other pre-approved insurance policies will continue to be accepted for PKA events in 2018/19, currently approved insurance providers include: SPKA and SWATK. If you do not yet have insurance, it is also possible to apply for temporary 7 day insurance from the BKSA, although we would recommend that everyone is insured at all times while participating in power kite sports.

What's going on when?

The PKA organises the National Series, as well as social and fun buggy events throughout the year.

To pay in advance please add the rounds you will attend to your basket using the buttons below and then add your race number at checkout (e.g. K... or SCO...). PKA member prices are £30 per weekend, Non member prices are £35 per weekend. A small charge is applied to each online payment to cover the costs of payment services.

The Last Gasp

15 & 16 December 2018 :: Hoylake, The Wirral

Unfortunately weather conditions meant that no racing took place - however we did get a few games of 10 pin bowling!

Buggy Camp with WSYC

27 & 28 July 2019 :: Hoylake, The Wirral

Find out more about the Buggy Camp

Buggy Camp with CLSC

10 & 11 August 2019 :: Pembrey, Carmarthenshire

Find out more about the Buggy Camp




Qualifying Men


Qualifying Women


International Championship


Although you do not need to be a member of the PKA to race at any of our events, we would strongly recommend that you take out PKA membership and insurance because it does offer certain benefits as outlined below.

The PKA is affiliated to the British Kitesports Association (BKSA) who also provide third party liability insurance - it is this which gives us the ability to run the National Series and select the National Team for competition at FISLY (International Federation of Sand and Land Yachts) European / World Championships.

All pilots who want to compete internationally if they qualify as part of the national team must be members of the PKA, and therefore hold British Kitesports Association insurance to compete at FISLY competitions.

Membership includes:

  • £5 Million 3rd Party Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident cover (See Policy)
  • Worldwide cover with exceptions (See Policy)
  • Recognised by most landowners
  • Policy - Zurich
  • Cover - flying any kite on water or land, kitesurfing, kitelandboarding , snowkiting, buggying and powerkiting
  • The correct insurance to compete in any BKSA approved event
  • Membership is open to any nationality, not just British
  • A membership card and joining pack (including stickers and harness tag)
  • The right to vote at AGM
  • Regular newsletters via e-mail
  • Discounted fees for PKA events

Find out more about BKSA membership and then join the Parakart Association on the BKSA website, choose your membership type and select 'Parakart Association - PKA' as your club. Membership of the PKA is included in the BKSA membership fee: £42 for an individual, £36 for a student and £115 for a family.

The Results


Our main goal is to develop the kite buggy skills of our members through fun and challenging events.

This means we organise social and series racing throughout the year in England and Wales for all to attend, and at the end of the year we put forward the English team for international competition. The revised constitution document to reflect the current sporting environment is available here. You can find out about the last year and plans for coming year by reading the last AGM minutes.

The PKA is affiliated to:

BKSA logoFISLY logo



The Parakart Association was formed in 1993 by a group of parakart (or kite buggying) enthusiasts. It’s reputedly the oldest kite buggy club in the world! Its original purpose was to provide kite buggying sites and third party liability insurance as Class 8 Land Yachts. This has given us access to the best buggying beaches in the world.

Since then, kite buggying has evolved massively as a sport and the role of the PKA has now become more defined as the guiding body for kite buggy racing in England and Wales. The PKA provides third party liability insurance through the British Kitesports Association and runs fun and challenging events to encourage beginners into the sport and to select the national team to compete at international events.


Contact us

Chairman - Chris Croft - Email

Secretary - Kevin Arlott - Email

Treasurer - Mark Sherlock - Email

Health & Safety Officer - Tommy Grierson - Email

Licensing Coordinator - Mark Coombs - Email

For general enquiries please contact the PKA Secretary Kevin Arlott